Hello & Welcome!

Hello everyone!
I am creating this blog because I want a place to display my scrapbooking layouts and ideas using my Cricut. I hope you enjoy your time here. More stuff to come!


I thought it would be worth mentioning what I am trying to accomplish here:

1. Make a collection of resources for new scrapmasters including tidbits from my own personal experiences in scrapping along with links to other great sites with info.

2. Showcase my own scrapbooking layouts and other ideas.

3. Give others a place to share their ideas and tips, and let others showcase their layouts.

I will also use this as a way for me to organize my scrapping thoughts.



I am sure some one else has used the term scrapmaster before my fiance did, but for my purposes, my fiance created it.

The term originated when I became addicted to scrapbooking. One day, my fiance just started calling me the scrapmaster, and it stuck. He likes to make little funny rhymes about me being a scrapmaster because in all of my “me time” I scrapbook.

I use the term for anyone who does scrapbooking. Anyone who wants to do scrapbooking can be a scrapmaster. To me, a scrapmaster is anyone creative who attemps to scrapbook. You don’t have to be the best, you just have to love what you are making. You will see me use the term scrapmaster in my store and on the blog.

If you are here even looking at this, chances are you are a scrapmaster yourself!

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