How to Make a Ribbon Box


This is a very simple and cost effective way of storing your ribbon. I made these with the help of my fiance.

1. Find a shoe box. I like the kind where the lid is actually connected to the bottom part of the box, so that I what I used for my ribbon boxes. You can cover the boxes with paper or paint them. I just left mine plain because I liked the colors of the ones I had.
2. Get a box cutter or exacto knife and cut slots into the side of the box that you want to be the front of the box. The slots are wide enough to for the ribbon to fit through. I made three rows of slots in the side of the box, but it doesn’t matter how you want to design it.

3. Place the ribbon spools into the box so that the ribbon will unwind towards the front of the box. In order to lace the ribbon into the slots, you have to be a little creative. I used a large paper clip. I stuck the clip through the slot from the front of the box and then laced the piece of ribbon through the paperclip that was sticking through the hole (kindof like threading a needle). Then I just pulled the paper clip back through the slot and the ribbon came through with the paper clip.
Now I can see all the the ribbon I own and all I have to do is pull on the part of the ribbon peeking out of the slot.

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