My Scrapbook Space -Part 1


I think that organizing you space is one of the most difficult challenges for any scrapmaster. I thought I would share my space with you.
Mine was definitely challenging because I don’t have a whole room to devote to scrapping. I get about half a room. The other half of the room is a home gym (for my fiance, you can see the equipment poking into the photo above) and a music area (for his guitars). So I had to think of what would be best for my little area.

Shown here is the supply corner. There are two bookshelves placed in the corner and all the supplies are arranged on the two shelves. The book shelves were relatively inexpensive because they are the kind you have to put together. There are pegs on the sides of the bookshelf so that you can adjust the shelves to whatever height you want. I purchased both of the shelves from Target at different times so they are designed a little bit differently.
I also have a stand next to the shelves. The stand is actually a microwave stand purchased from Target. It is nice because it came with wheels too. There are 3 wire baskets that pull out like drawers. On the top of the stand, I have my large cutting board.
The microwave stand holds my eyelet & brad boxes and on the top shelf there are paper bags, digital scale, USB cables, and ink cartridges for my printer.

This top shelf has all my small cardstock sheets on it. I have them mostly organized by color in cardboard magazine holders. Then I labeled the color groups to make the holders pretty.

For my store, cardstock is my biggest expense since everything I make is paper. I sell cardstock from time to time if I buy it in huge quantities (Like the red shown).



The next shelf holds Cricut cartridges and ribbon boxes. There is a row of cartridges behind the row shown. There are cutting pads on top of the ribbon boxes. My fiance helped me make these ribbon boxes. I will post a “how to make ribbon boxes” page later.

Here is a great time to mention that I hate spending money on organizing items if I don’t have to. Why spend 20 for a ribbon box when you can make on from a shoe box for no money, just a little time? If I can make it, I would rather do that than spend money where I don’t have to.

The next shelf holds 12X12inch papers in plastic protectors. The protectors are really cheap and can be purchased at Michaels for a couple of dollars.

All these large plastic containers I purchased at Big Lots really cheap. I know target puts them on sale every once in a while too. They are really worth having because they have lids so that everything stays protected.
Since I purchased a Cricut machine, I have slowly been purging my Sizzix die collection, so now all my dies fit into one container. I can’t yet bear to get rid of the sizzix machine, but one day maybe I will.
I have not yet mastered the art of stamping, but I have been collecting stamps for a little while. When they go on sale, I always pick up one or two. I really want to learn how to stamp well and one day I will. I just haven’t taken the time to learn. There are better ways to organize stamps, but I just don’t have room for a stamp rack.

On this shelf, I have all the photos and items that I have yet to put into scrapbooks. Everything in the Projects In Progress box is out into protective sheets with information relating to the event or time. Sometimes, if I have an idea for that layout, I go ahead and sketch it out. Everything I place in the box is labeled so that when I go back to try and work on the pages, I know exactly what everything is from.

There is also a box of stickers and a box of backup CD’s containing photos and fonts and things of that sort just in case something happens to by computer.

On the bottom shelf, I have more supplies organized into boxes. The 3 pretty boxes stacked on the right are all just shoe boxes covered in pretty papers. I went over the shoe boxes with clear packing tape so that the paper wouldn’t rip or shred after prolonged use of the boxes. I learned that paper covered boxes don’t last very long otherwise.

There is also an opened box that holds items that I have made that are for sale. They are all in labelled baggies so that I know what everything is.
The fine arts box holds sketching and painting supplies because I like to do those types of art also. The scraps for paper making box is a box that I leave sitting on the table when I am working on scrapbooking or making die cuts for my orders. I put all the excess paper scraps in the box and save them. I also sell the paper scraps in my store for others who want to make handmade paper. I haven’t really tried to make paper yet, but I am saving the scraps because the paper is too good to throw away. I hate the idea of wasting all that paper.

This is the top of the second shelf. On the top of the shelf I have a scanner and comb binder. The scanner has been very useful for going back and making a back up copy of all the old family photos from before digital camera days. The comb binder was purchased to bind paper bag albums and mini albums. The one I have only punches holes through 3 sheets of paper at a time so it isn’t very powerful, but it was a cheap one to buy to test out comb binding. I really like this machine and will one day purchase a larger one that can punch holes through thicker materials.

The next shelf holds some of my scrapbooks and scrapbooking idea books.
On the shelf below, there are more supply boxes and my sizzix machine. The small supplies are office supplies like staples and tape and post-its, not really for scrapbooking. The writing utensil box hold all my decorative pens and pencils. The punches box also holds decorative scissors. The acrylic paints I use mostly for paintings, but they sometimes come in handy for scrapbooking also. My fiance likes origami so this box is mostly for him. I use some of the pretty papers for die cuts and I have him make shapes for me out of origami to go with layouts every once in a while. This box also contains small paper stacks like mat stacks.

This shelf has many non-scrapbooking items on it. The ones that are scrap related I will talk about. The hot glue gun I use for buttons and fabric, ribbon, flowers on occasion. There is a large white box on the top that has 12X12 punchouts that I purchased in a set from QVC. The paper box is for paper that I have already cut down to 6inch height to run through the cricut machine. I have this box sitting out when I am working on orders so that I don’t have to keep walking back and pulling paper of the shelf. The paper scraps box has extra die cuts in it. Sometimes I make more than I need and store them in there for later.

On the bottom shelf I just store more paper. There is a great book that I would like to mention because it is a great idea book for gifts. It is called
“Great Gifts in under 30 minutes.” It has directions for making soaps and gift baskets, etc.


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