How to cut out a Layered Cricut Die Cut

This is a step by step guide to cutting out Layered Cricut Die Cuts and how to assemble them. I wrote this for a pleasant woman who just bought a Cricut, but needed a little help getting started. The Cricut cartridges and machine come with instructions, but I find they are lacking enough information. I will post photos to go along with this guide, but for now, it is just writing.

I am assuming that you have figured out what settings work for your paper so your paper is cutting out correctly (not ripping or shredding when it is cutting). If you are having problems with the paper not cutting out properly, look at this blog entry about cutting problems:

Once you’ve mastered using the settings to get clean cuts, you’re ready to put something together.
First you need to find your die cut in the booklet so you can press the right buttons and cut out each shape in the correct colors. Looking at the shape in the booklet, the white shape on the colored square is the shape that will be cut out if none of the feature buttons are lit up green. If there are two white shapes inside the colored square, then the lower one is the shape that will cut out if no feature buttons are lit up and the shift key isn’t lit up. The other shape that is near the top of the colored square will be cut out if the shift key is lit up with no feature keys lit up. In order to cut any of the shapes in the smaller white squares, you have to have that feature key lit up. All the little squares are labeled with the name of the feature key so everything can be cut out by looking in the book and pressing the buttons that correspond to that shape. There will be two shapes in each square, the lower one is cut without the shift key pressed and the one at the top will be cut when the shift key is lit up.

Step by step for cutting out Tigger:

1. Set your size dial to whatever size you want –the size dial is the one on the right side of the cricut machine (the small machine) and is inches.

2. Make sure that the button labeled “real dial size” is turned off (not lit up green) so that each piece will be cut so that they fit together

3. Use black and cut out the whole shape by having all of the features off and just pressing the button for the tigger shape you want to cut out. This shape will cut out his outline and cut detail cuts outlining where all the layered pieces will be placed. This will be the piece that you glue all the colored pieces on.

4. for the orange layer: press the feature button labeled “Layers 1 and 2” (it will be lit up green) and then press the same tigger button you used to cut out the black layer. When you get the pieces cut, glue them on the black piece where they belong, making sure to line up the detail cuts with the edge of the orange piece.

5. for the cream/yellow layer: make sure that the feature button “Layers 1 and 2” is still lit up and press shift and the tigger shape again. When you are gluing down the second layer color, make sure that you leave a little space of black between the yellow and the orange pieces when you glue down the yellow pieces so that the black will show through slightly giving every colored piece an outline of black.

6. for the nose and tongue layers: Repeat steps 4 and 5 but with the feature button “layers 3 and 4” pressed” (it will be lit up green).

To do the layers, you are going to have to refer to the book to make sure you press the right layer button.

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One thought on “How to cut out a Layered Cricut Die Cut

  1. Hi, just wondering what you use to attach the layers to the base. I am just using 2 sided roller tape but wondered if there is something better you have found.ff

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