My Scrapbook Space -Part 2

This is part 2 of my scrapbook space. As I’ve mentioned before (in “My Scrapbook Space -Part 1” in March 2008), My scrapbooking room is really only half scrapbooking and the other half is my fiances half. I had to think about how I was going to store all the scrapbooking items necessary to run my business and it has been a challenge to try to organize and fit everything into my half of the room. Below is a photo of my newly added 4shelf bookcase to my closet. This room has two very small closets in it and my fiance and I both got one to use as we please. We have matching 4 shelf bookcases for the closets. We purchased them at Biglots -they are just plain white bookcases that could be purchased anywhere. These ones were the first we found that actually fit inside the closets. He uses his closet for his paintball, airsoft supplies and his inventions (he’s an engineering major so it seems like he is always building something for his classes -or just for fun).


On my bookcase, I plan on storing reams of paper as I purchase them. You can see the ones I have already purchased. The reams of paper are on the 1st and bottom shelves. I use the paper for die cuts and I also sell them by the sheet at Scrapmaster’s Paradise store. On the top shelf, I have foam sticker tubs, a ribbon box (the third box that I am working on filling) and a box to hold my fancy yarns. The fancy yarns are actually held in a box lid from Staples. I purchased large envelopes there once and when I used them all, I kept the box lid to use for storing. The yarns fit perfectly and they are easy to see so I know what I have available.

Above is my work desk. There is another smaller desk in the room which will be for a desktop computer we’ve recently ordered. This desk is quite large and it has plenty of room for me to work. I actually moved my Cricut Cartridges so that they sit on top of the desk pushed back along the wall so that I can switch cartridges easy while I am working on orders. In this little cubby I have an inventory booklet that holds my business related information regarding supply purchases and I have sample cardstock swatches and paper pattern swatches inside so that I know what I have. The little blue binder is for store order information -here I store people order information and color choices and shipping information regarding each order. You can also see my little Cricut Machine stored here.
This space is the cabinet space inside the desk. This is really supposed to be for a computer, but I use it to store quote books, tape, rulers, and pens/markers. I sold those doodleblock dies that are pictured.
On this part of the desk you can see my light, and small supplies storage. The little drawers hold school supplies rather than scrapbooking supplies. I use a bulletin board for notes to myself.This is the box of supplies I have sitting on the desk in the other corner. It holds the items that I use often.

And finally, I have a hanging file hanging on the wall next to the desk for orders. You can see I needed to order flea medicine for my dogs when I took the photo :). 

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