What Glue to Use???

I have gotten questions about glues numerous times so I thought I would post a glue FAQ. If you have another glue related question please send me a message and I would be happy to post it for you.

**What type of glue should I use for scrapbooking?
Any glue is fine as long as it is labeled as acid free! It just depends on what you are trying to glue down.

**What type of glue should I use for paper piecings/Layered assembled Cricut Die Cuts?
As far as the type of glue, it doesn’t really matter what brand, as long as it is a liquid glue (not glue dots or adhesive squares, or a tape runner, etc) and is acid free safe for photos. I use pretty much anything I find at a reasonable price. If you wanted you could use a spray adhesive, but I don’t like them because they are really messy and then you breathe in the fumes which is unhealthy. I really like Craft Bond acid free glue for paper and fabric. This is a white glue about the thickness of Elmers school glue and it dries clear and flexible. I like it because you it is white so you can see where you have glue and it is thick so it doesn’t run all over the place.

**What type of glue is best for putting together photo mats?
I find I get the best results by using photo adhesive squares around the edges. Using the back side of the photo mat, I place the adhesive squares a couple of inches apart along the edges, and one in each corner as close to the corner as possible. If the photo mat is large I put liquid glue in the middle. Then I place it down on the larger mat or directly on the page layout.

**What type of glue is best for ribbon, fibers?
I either use adhesive squares cut to the size of the ribbon, or Craft Bond acid free photo and fabric glue. The adhesive squares can make thinner ribbons look lumpy so it doesn’t always work. The Craft Bond glue works well, just make sure to wipe off any excess glue. The glue will dry clear so it doesn’t show up if it happens to bleed through the ribbon.

**What type of glue should I use for delicate die cuts or delicate papers?
Any type of clear liquid glue with a sponge applicator or sponge dabber. There are may of these in the scrapbook isle.

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