Cardboard Box Magic


My fiance works part time at an office supply store so he gets his choice of cardboard boxes that things get shipped in, the boxes just get thrown away if none of the employees want them. Well he brought me home three of these plain cardboard boxes. They are boxes that specialty printing paper comes laying flat in. They are about the size of a large shoebox. I decided to decorate them using flourish stamps using acrylic paint (I am also a wannabe painter so I have all the paint supplies). I store almost all my different supplies in shoe boxes, plastic containers, or cardboard boxes because I refuse to pay for the decorated boxes in the stores. The decorated boxes are expensive just to hold stuff. Plus, I like to make them myself! So I bought a set of Floral Flourishes clear stamps from Inkadinkado and stamped the boxes like crazy on all sides. . .

And these two decorated boxes were the finished product. I didn’t decorate the third one yet. I had to mix to get the shade of powder blue that I wanted so I ended up with leftover paint. I used that pain to stamp a bunch of 12X12 white cardstock, and you can see a sheet underneath the powder blue box. The stamping isn’t perfect by any means, but they look like what I had imagined them as so I was pleased.

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