The Jukebox is coming! Cricut


The Cricut Jukebox is supposed to start shipping in July! (I won’t be selling them) They seem like a good idea, but is it worth the money?

This device is adequately named because it works like a jukebox. Think of it as a jukebox for cricut cartridges! Each jukebox holds 6 cartridges. You plug it into your cricut machine and then just press the cartridge you want to use! It seems simple enough and the idea of not switching back and forth sounds great! I heard from someone else that you can plug in 3 jukeboxes at a time, so up to 18 cartridges at a time. I have 22 cartridges and it seems like I switch them out ALL THE TIME!

I would love the convenience of having them all right at the press of a button. . . but this little Jukebox thing is expensive!!! I saw it online for $55 plus shipping as a pre order and then higher up from that. I don’t know if the convenience is worth the price to me personally. I would rather save my $200 (assuming I bought three) and just switch out the cartridges! But, a girl can dream . . .

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