Great Way to Store 12X12Paper

Ok this is the updated version with photos!


I got this idea from .

Basically you take priority mail boxes -the size that is approx 12X13X3 -and cut them to look like a magazine holder. They are the perfect size for 12X12 papers! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, I have a bunch of those boxes for shipping things. Anyway, I made 4 of them today and they hold my paper perfectly. I have been storing the paper in thost flimsy plastic envelope things you can get really cheap in the store, but it wasn’t what I wanted them in because the papers aren’t easily accessible that way. Below is my before shot. The plastic bin contains scrapbook page kits that I have yet to scrapbook. This way you can flip through the paper quickly. I have my 8.5X11 sheets stored in the regular sized magazine holders and I loved them. The specialtly 12X12 sized holders were too expensive when I bought the plastic things. The boxes aren’t exactly even as you can see, because it was rather difficult to cut the cardboard, but they will still do the job!
On the website above, they wrapped the whole boxes with decorative paper, but I decided just to do the front little section because mine are on a shelf and the sides will never be seen so why bother? I even organized all my paper! It was a lot of work since I have so much of it, but it is going to make scrapping so much easier! You can see the tags sticking out. The patterns are organized by color group mostly. I kept my super slabs together since they are coordinated perfectly.I made the bookplates from the Cricut Fabulous Finds cartridge and embellished them with teal round eyelets. They came out really cute.

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5 thoughts on “Great Way to Store 12X12Paper

    1. Sorry I don’t know how I missed approving your comment. The boxes hold at least a few hundred sheets. Easily maybe 400-500 sheets!

  1. I made some of these for my magazines and tried putting my 12 x 12 papers in them but they are just a tad bit smaller than 12 inches on the one end. Not much and I have been thinking of cutting a sliver off the edge of the papers to make them fit. What do you think? I just love them.

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