How to Make Cardstock Buttons



I saw an article on making buttons from cardstock, but I can no longer find it online (I forgot to save it I guess). So after many attempts, I came up with a great home made button recipe. It is simple and takes only a few minutes! I haven’t been making them for long so when I have more photos I will post them here.

Supplies needed:
*a small circle paper punch or die -I have a one inch circle paper punch from Urvy
*cardstock scraps
*Mod Podge -Glossy kind
*A small eyelet hole punch -I have a Making Memories anywhere hole punch
*patterned paper
*liquid adhesive
*foam brush

1. Punch a circle out of patterned paper, and punch 4 cardstock circles
2. Glue the circles together in a stack so that the patterned circle is the top circle
3. When the stack dries, use the eyelet hole punch to make the button holes in the center of the circle, either (two holes next to eachother like shown in the photo of four holes)
4. Using a foam brush, apply a layer of Mod Podge to the patterned side of the button
5. Reapply the Mod Podge once the first layer dries.

*Ink or chalk the edges of the button before you seal it with the Mod Podge
*Use a different shaped punch, like a heart or start
*Sandpaper the top of the button to make it look distressed

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