Silk Flower Embellishments Idea from

This idea was taken straight from scrapbooking at I LOVE LOVE silk flowers on scrapbooking layouts. There are beautiful flowers out there just for scrapbooking including Prima flowers, Daisy D’s to name the most popular. The big bottles or jars of flowers only have tiny flowers. The flowers are a little expensive for my taste, so I make my own!
What you do is buy silk flowers and take them apart. It is really easy to take the flowers apart. All the summer silk flowers were on sale for 60% off at my local scrap store and my mom bought a couple of bunches for me. She spent less than $5.00 for all these flowers.

As you can see in the photo below, there are just little plastic pieces holding the flowers together. The plastic pieces can pull apart, and if they don’t pull apart easily you can cut the plastic parts!

When purchasing silk flowers just remember to get the type of flowers that will lay flat. The roses and such will not work well when you take them apart. Look for flowers like daisies and similar shaped flowers. These are the flowers after I took them apart:

AND I had enough flowers to fill up this whole container!

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