Cool Torn Christmas Card


Level: Intermediate
Time Needed: 2o minutes

Supplies Needed:
Stamptivity Cool Snowman stamp set
Red Marker
Green Marker
Orange Marker
Black ink pad
Red ink pad
White cardstock
Green cardstock
White cardstock

Cutting tool

1. Cut a piece of standard 8.5X11inch cardstock in half to make the card base.
2. Stamp three snowmen with sunglasses onto white cardstock using black ink. Let them dry then color them in with the markers.
3. Cut around the snowmen using an exacto knife, scissors or other cutting tool.
4. Cut a strip of red cardstock to measure approximately 12.5cm (5inches) across. Tear off a strip of paper so that the longest side is the side that was 12.5cm. Make sure that both of the sides opposite of the sides that were cut are torn.
5. Cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 12.5cm (5inches) by 9.4cm (3.75inches), tear out the center so that the red torn red strip can fit in the middle with some space around it.
6. Attach the three torn strips of cardstock to the card base so that there is approximately .6cm (1/4inch) of the card base showing around the edges.
7. Attach the snowmen.
8. Stamp the word “Cool” in the corner using red ink.

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