Giant 6X6 explosion box


This isn’t the typical explosion box! This is a GIANT explosion box. The sides are approximately 6X6inch squares so the whole thing is a 6inch cube. I chalked the edges a bit to give it a worn look. I wasn’t going by any instructions, just winging it. This one is in the process of being decorated with doggie photos so that it can sit on my shelf in the scrap room. With the same basic idea, I plan on making 3 or 4 of them as decor items for my BFF’s baby room using the Zooballoo cartridge.
As you can see, there are three pages/flaps to each side of the box for a total of 5 pages inside each side of the box so 20 pages inside. I have plenty of photos to fill this box up, just not enough time to get it done! I have finished the outside of the box and 4 o the inside pages so far.

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