My Stampin’ Up! Challenge to YOU!

This Stampin’ Up! Challenge is called “Show Me the Money Challenge”. This challenge is named such because you will be able to see your money well spent because you use the stamp set so much!! Since stamps can be kind of pricey (but well worth it I assure you), I have decided to make a challenge centered around getting your money’s worth from a stamp set. The idea behind this comes from one of my favorite scrapping budget ideas: “For every dollar you spend on a product, you have to use it on that many cards/pages”. I have said this many times -let’s say, your stamp set costs $10, then you get your “money’s worth” out of it if you use it on 10 pages or cards, etc. This is a good budget rule of thumb when purchasing supplies. When I buy items, I ask myself, could I really use this supply X number of times? Well with stamps, the answer is usually yes!!

My challenge to you is pick a Stampin’ Up! set you already own, or buy a new one, I don’t care which. Challenge yourself to use that set and “Show me the money” like I explained above. For every dollar you put into the purchase, that is how many pages, cards, or altered items you have to make.

And of course, since I am coming up with the challege, you know I am going to participate as well 🙂 . I already ordered the Stampin’ Up! set I want to use. I am going to use the Stampin’ Up Eastern Blooms set.
The Eastern Blooms Set costs $21.95, and altough it is on sale 15% off until Sept. 30th (and I got it 15%off plus my demonstrator discount), I am going to challenge myself with the regular price. Rounding up to $22.oo, I am challenging myself to make 22 layouts/cards/etc. with this one set!! My order is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday so after that I will start working on my challenge. There is no time limit, and I plan to make other projects in between working on this challenge.

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