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This Layout was made in honor of my fiance endind summer school this August. He took 9 credit hours of class in 2nd session (so two full semester classes crammed into ONE MONTH). He ended up going to class about 21 hours a week and had homework and studying EVERY night! It was horribly stressful for him. I made this layout because his hard work paid off with two A’s!!!

To make the sun embellishment:
Supplies Needed:
Stamptivity Gemstone Set
Orange Ink Pad
Yellow cardstock
Cutting tool
Assorted red, orange, and yellow ribbons.
Stapler w/staples

1. Stamp the decorative star image onto the yellow cardstock using the orange ink pad.
2. Cut the assorted pieces of ribbon into varying lengths.
3. Fold each piece of ribbon in half and staple each peice in a small circle pattern with the ends sticking out of the circle. Continue until you have completed the entire circle.
4. Cut out the star image with an exacto knife or scissors.
5. Attach the star in the center of the ribbon circle using a staple.
*This embellishment is shown on a summer school scrapbook layout, but it could be used for any type of summer layout or summer card. This embellishment could also be turned into a shooting star design by using the ribbon to make only half of a circle pattern.

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