Christmas Present


This is my little Bobby, my canary (above). He is a Red Factor canary, and I got him for my birthday 3 years ago. He was supposed to be a friend for my other canary Sonny that I had at that time, but they ended up not getting along and they had to be placed in separate rooms. After lots of drama (including finding out Sonny was a girl canary with a hormone problem, LOL) Sonny eventually passed away before he(really she) should have. Now we just have Bob. He is so much fun and joy. Canaries really have strong personalities (hard to believe I know!), Bob is a very dedicated singer and even sings after his bed time when his cage is covered with his blanket. He will sing when he wants to, even when he is covered up in the morning.

We went to visit family last Christmas in MS and TX. Bob went with us in his little travel cage and stayed at my grandparents house in MS over the whole trip. My grandmother absolutely fell in love with him and now wants a canary so for this Christmas, we got her one! Right now he is staying at our house until we go visit.
This is my grandmother’s canary, I call him Little Buddy (he is a lot smaller than Bob, who is quite a large canary). I am happy to make my grandmother happy, but I am also sad because I am really starting to grow fond of Little Buddy. Little Buddy acts a lot like Sonny, the canary who passed away.

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