Cricut Cartridge Storage


Since I got my new scrap table, I use my desk as a die cut, and cutting workspace. On the other end I have my giant cutting tool. In the middle of the desk, you can see my Pazzles Inspiration. Then on the end, is my Cricut station. In a SCS gallery, someone had a picture of her cartridges stacked in a tower, so I asked her where she got it because it was the coolest thing!!! She told me they were little separate containers that you can get at the Dollar Store. My dollar store didn’t have white, only blue and green, so I mixed them together to make my cricut tower. Isn’t it neat!!?? The little plasic cubes interlock so the tower is pretty sturdy. Each little cube only costs $1 and 4 cartridges fit in each cube. In the top left cube, I have my 4 solutions cartridges in baggies. I plan on buying individual cricut binders for them and altering the outside of the binders.

Also notice my cutting mats hanging on the side of the shelf for easy access. 🙂 I just hung 3M hooks up and the mats fit perfectly.

I had to move my scissor wall higher up since the tower is tall, but the scissors are still accessible.
Here is a photo with my little Cricut in its place.

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