New to Stamping?

I have decided to start a stamping how to blog for people new to stamping. I have wanted to do this for a while, but decided to go ahead and do it. Sometimes it is hard as a new stamper to find ALL the information you need. . . When I first started out stamping, I didn’t know where to find the answers to all my questions. What I did was search the internet and find out all the info I know. I just want to put all the info into one place so it is easy to find.

I am starting with the absolute basics, as if the reader has never even picked up a stamp before and then once I cover all the basics, I will move onto more advanced techniques.

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One thought on “New to Stamping?

  1. Oh my, you have been quite the busy posting bee today! Liking the idea of you starting a “how-to” blog. That sounds really neat:)

    Do you use the images from your stamped images group? I am afraid that I would not know what I wanted to do with them once I received them.

    Your canary is very cute!

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