Addicted to Paper

My name is Samantha, and I have a problem 🙂 I have TOO MUCH PAPER! The containers in the photo above contain 12X12 papers. The photos below show my cardstock.

To rectify this problem, I am going to be starting a no buying paper challenge TODAY! My last no buying challenge was no buying anything until I made 100 projects. For this challenge I am going to challenge myself to not buy paper until I make 200 projects. A project includes one page of a layout (a 2page LO would count as 2 projects), one card, or one 3d item. The only exception include if I need cardstock to make the die cuts for ebay orders OR if paper is on sale during the Stampin’ UP Holiday Extravaganza. LOL I don’t want to miss out if they make paper on sale!!!!

Now, maybe you don’t have quite as much paper as I do, but chances are most of you have WAY more paper than you need, so I challenge you to join me in my no buying paper challenge! You can make your own rules, maybe just 50 projects, maybe 300 projects, it is up to you! (I will be giving out RAKs). If you join me, let me know by leaving a link to your blog so I can check your progress.

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12 thoughts on “Addicted to Paper

  1. *Gulp* No new paper? Um, whoa. It’s a fantastic idea, but can I jump aboard? Technically it’d have to be after I get my next order from SU since I caved to the DSP gods and order some holiday paper …. It’d sure be nice if I used up some paper that’s been collectin’ dust! Of course, I’ll figure out a way to make my “terms” fit. I’ll send you deets soon.

  2. Wow girl……I thought that I had a problem, but I definitely don’t have as much paper as you!!!!! good luck with your challenge….I may unofficially follow along as I don’t have any money to really buy paper anyways….LOL Life can really suck sometimes!!!! Talk at you later girl!!!!

  3. You have me beat on the cardstock, but I know I have at least that much paper, lol! Good for you to challenge yourself to stop buying so much. I am trying to use stuff out of my scrapbook stash that I’ve been hoarding. Good luck with it!

  4. NOOOOO!!!! Don’t take my paper addiction away! LOL

    OK, well, I just joined a hostess club for CTMH. What if I do the challenge but I can only buy CTMH paper (I am afraid I won’t be able to make my order without paper because that is all I pretty much buy from them…I don’t use a lot of acrylic stamps).

    I also need an out if SU does that promo as well!

    Oh, we are hopelessly addicted…already swindling ways out of the challenge! ROTFL!

    LMK if my “terms” are acceptable. 🙂

  5. I’m the same way-too much paper. I’m not brave enough to do that challenge though but I might play along a little (just unofficially). I barely get 10 projects a year done much less 200! lol

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