Distressed Stickles

Today I ordered the full set of 12 of the new distressed stickles!! I really liked the look of the distressed stickles and I can’t wait for them to arrive! I recently purchased my first regular stickles (a pack of 3 from Hobby Lobby) and I am HOOKED! I had been using regular ol’ glitter glue I got from a craft store but I ran out so I had to try out the Stickles. I am sure glad I did 🙂

The photo above is one I found on Tim Holtz Blog.

If you are new to distressed stickles or stickles in general, check out the Tim Holtz blog. He goes through what makes the distressed stickles different from the regulars. . . and he also says there are going to be 12 OTHER distressed stickles to come!!!

From what I gather, they are more chunky type glitter and his examples make them look soooooooo tempting! I will of course post projects using them once they arrive at my door! I am super duper excited.


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10 thoughts on “Distressed Stickles

  1. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I am sooooo in love with stickles, I use them on everything. I just finished getting all the regular ones and then I just happen to look on here and see this…….my husband is going to want to KILL me! I’ve got to have them though.

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