On a Diet? I AM!!

On a MONEY DIET that is! After Christmas, I am going to do some serious NON-spending! I have been spending way way too much the last couple of months. . . school has been stressful this semester with 20 hours (the max hours allowed is 19!!) and guess what Samantha’s method of coping is. . . you guessed it -ONLINE SHOPPING!!!
Trying to save money for medical school and online shopping don’t mix well. I haven’t tapped into my savings, but I haven’t been adding to it either.
In all fairness, I did just get a bunch of my Christmas money already so I have been itching to spend it. My latest splurge was using up part of that money. After I go through my Christmas money & the Christmas season, I will be going on a Money Diet. I will still buy my Stampin’ UP stuff but I will be seriously limiting my other spending. My non SU wish list still includes the Cricut Sesame street cartridge (for my fiance’s baby book), regular and glitz Stickles so I’m hoping my Christmas money will stretch further.

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3 thoughts on “On a Diet? I AM!!

  1. man… its sooo true… i have to totally watch the spending too – our famillies have all decided to do secret santa this year (only one pick and only one present) the rest we are all doing handmade gifts… i totally want so many things on my wish list… but the most important is just being healthy and happy with your family and friends and not having to worry about money stuff….

    i am with you samantha… i will have to try this too!!!
    best wishes,
    Sankari 🙂

  2. LOL! I so understand that! School has been stressful for me too- Thankfully we only go to school Mon & Tues this week. We & the kiddo’s need a break!! 🙂

  3. I’m with you on this. I have spend a FORTUNE on Christmas this year. I decided to cut back but you sure can’t tell. In January I am going to start practicing what Dave Ramsey preaches and get my debt paid off!

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