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3ring albums have to be the coolest thing. I guess I am far behind the times, but I thought strap hinge and post bound were the only 12X12album types! So I have been scrapbooking and using post bound albums which are harder than heck to unscrew to add more pages to, and I can never get the posts back together, and then you have to buy post extenders. I got frustrated so much that I just got a box and started leaving my layouts in a stack. The post bound albums are simply the worst thing about scrapbooking.

BUT I have recently heard about 3 ring albums! They work just like a 3 ring binder. You can add pages just by opening the ring!!! I was so excited to hear about them, but then no stores near me had any 3 ring albums so I just gave up and left my LO’s in the stack(this was before I became a Stampin’ UP Demonstrator). When I became a Stampin UP Demonstrator, I noticed SU has ring albums. I decided to order 3 of them for my album Christmas presents I was making. I am so happy I got them because they are gorgeous and any standard 12X12 post album refills (the kind with the set of 3 circular holes) fit the rings because the albums have standard sized rings. SU says in the catalog that the rings are 1.5inch D rings, but to me they look bigger than that. These books will hold a bunch of LO’s. They come with 10 page protectors so that is enough to get started on the book, but there is plenty of room for more pages. The album shown above is the Mellow Moss 12X12 album. It is one of 4 colors that SU offers for albums.

So being a good little girl, I decided to go ahead and put all my finished layouts away into the post bound albums I already had and use them before I bought anything else. This afternoon I squeezed all the finished LO’s into the last album and now I am ready to buy 3 ring albums from now on!! I’ll tell you, after the first hour or two of trying to undo and redo those posts, I was ready to throw the post albums in the trash, but I managed to make it through. 🙂 NEVER AGAIN!!

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