Color Caddy Love


I have to say it : I LOVE MY COLOR CADDY!!! For what it’s worth, I give the SU Color Caddy two thumbs up!

Man, was I missing out. It is so convenient to just have my inks right at my fingertips all the time. As you can see, I don’t own all the ink colors, but I have room for when I buy some more 🙂

Why I like it:
1. It spins so I can access all sides easily
2. It doesn’t spin out of control so things don’t go flying
3. It is small, takes up about a 12X12 inch space on the desk
4. The tray on top is perfect for stickles 🙂 notice mine are all upside down and within reach
5. My black Stazon and VersaMark also fit in the slots (those are the only non SU inks I own)

I read a lot of opinions before I purchased the color caddy, because $59 is a lot of money for anything. Boy, the negative remarks were WRONG!!

Some said their caddy wobbled. . . mine doesn’t, I think if it is put together securely, then there isn’t any room for it to wobble. I don’t have the extender kit so I can’t speak for that, but my color caddy does not wobble. EDIT: Ok I tried to make it wobble and yes, if you start shaking it around, it WILL wobble. I thought I would share it with you 🙂 You can make it wobble if you try.

Some said it was cheaply made. . . I totally disagree. It is made out of hard plastic and metal. That seems well made to me!

And before I bought the Color Caddy, I looked for alternatives… and they were WAY MORE EXPENSIVE!! Similar designed wooden holders were $100 and more! I saw one close to $200!! Sheesh, that is rediculous!!!!!

This is what I stored my inks in before I got the Caddy. AHHHH it was so annoying to try to get one of the inks out.

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3 thoughts on “Color Caddy Love

  1. I’ve been debating myself about making that purchase. My inks are in a handmade little foamboard thing. Not to pretty. Thanks for your take on the caddy.

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