Stampin With Sami Lesson: Watercolor Basics

This lesson is the start of many coloring lessons to come.If you want to learn to watercolor, the best purchase you can make is an aqua painter and a set of watercolor crayons. Watercolor crayons come in Stampin’ UP’s color families (set of 12) in all the SU colors and neutrals. Watercolor crayons are not made for the In Colors.The pack I am using is the Earth Elements color family. The photo above shows watercolor crayons, an aqua painter, and white cardstock.

This is an aqua painter. If you want to watercolor, this tool will be your best friend! This tool has a brush tip which has a very fine tip. The barrel part unscrews so you can fill it with water.

So there are 3 basic methods for using an aqua painter:
1. Loading the aqua painter with water color crayon
2. Directly coloring an image with the crayons
3. Loading the aqua painter with ink from a Stampin’ Pad

Shown above, is where I colored using one of the crayons.

To turn the crayon into watercolors simply color over it using the aqua painter.
The photo above shows how the crayon looks once it is covered with water, and marks made with an aqua painter that is loaded with crayon. To load the aqua painter, color using the crayon on a piece of scratch paper and rub the tip of the aqua painter over the crayon marks. Then paint where you want to paint.

To load the aqua painter with ink directly from an ink pad, you need the full size Stampin’ Pads so you can get the ink from the lid. While the Stampin’ Pad is closed, press firmly in the center of the ink pad and then open it. There should be a think layer of excess ink on the lid.

To load the aqua painter with the ink, rub over the excess ink like shown above.

Shown above is a line made with the aqua painter loaded with ink. When you actually water color with the loaded ink or crayon, you will get a nice automatic shading as the ink runs out of the aqua painter.

To color directly on a stamped imaged, just color with the crayons like you are coloring a coloring book! Then go over each color with the aqua painter. When moving between colors, be sure to run the aqua painter across scratch paper to make sure all the color is removed so your colors don’t mixed.

The three techniques outlined above are just the very basics. Test out more advanced techniques by layering crayon colors, coloring certain areas with a thicker layer of crayon to make a deeper color, the possibilities are endless.

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