How to Make In Color Markers

As you know, SU does not make markers for their exclusive in colors. . . but with a little work, you can make them yourself!! I plan on making them for all the current In Colors because I love these In Colors so much. I will be sad to see these colors go so I am getting two reinkers for each color 🙂

Anyway, here is my recipe to make homemade In Color Markers:

Supplies needed:
Scrap paper
Optional supplies for labeling your marker: silver sharpie, invisible tape, matching cardstock, circle punch

1. Uncap one end of the VersaMarker and carefully remove the tip of the marker using tweezers. 2. Pour 6-10 drops of reinker into the marker barrel.
3. Carefully place the tip back into the barrel using the tweezers.
4. Repeat with the other side of the marker.
5. Write on scrap paper until the ink becomes the color of the reinker.

*These markers will be different from SU’s markers because when the reinker mixes with the VersaMark ink, the marker becomes pigment ink where as SU markers are dye ink. I have embossed using the homemade markers and they emboss just like regular VersaMark ink.

To label the marker, I wrote the color name on the barrel with silver sharpie (which does rub off eventually) I placed a piece of invisible tape over it. Then I used a circle punch (actually a Mickey punch and cut the ears off, because it was the only circle I had that fit!!) and glued them on the ends of each lid.

I only made the Pacific Point one shown because I only had 1 VersaMarker. I plan on getting 5 more very soon though 🙂

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