Migraine/Botox Q&A

First, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support I have received in dealing with my migraines. It is a difficult disease to live with for anyone because it strikes at any time and it disrupts your life. I appreciate everyone comments about this so much. When I first posted about the migraine problems, I never dreamed that it would gain so much attention. Thank you!

Elizabeth at Stampin Elizabeth asked me a question about the Botox treatment I had this week so I thought I would open up for a Q&A. My hope is that someone will come across the answers and it will help them with their own Migraine treatment. If you have any questions about Botox treatment for migraines, or migraines, or other migraine treatments, post a comment here and I will try to answer your question in this post. I have job shadowed my neurologist (I want to be a neurologist) for a couple of years and I have dealt with my own disease for over 10 years). I love medical related anything and I am guessing there are others out there who are the same way. (if you would like to be anonymous, please send me an email and I will leave your name off the question)

Q:How long does the botox treatment last? (from Elizabeth at Stampin Elizabeth)
A: Botox treatment can last 3 to 6 months. Migraine people typically get the treatment every 3 months because they don’t want to risk getting migraines again.

So if you have any questions post them here! I will keep a link to this Q&A in my sidebar.

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One thought on “Migraine/Botox Q&A

  1. I had a friend a few years ago who suffered with very debilitating migraines. She was given thorazine, which at the time was an experimental treatment. I seemed to work well for her. She moved to another state and I lost contact with her so I don’t know how she is doing now. It is through experiments that doctors are able to find cures or treatments to manage the ailments we have.

    A Q&A is a great thing so others can learn and maybe be helped.

    Yes, I am studying to be a nurse. I will graduate this coming May and in a couple years hope to start on a master’s degree. I decided to go into nursing because of some church mission trips I went on to Honduras. Also, I want to be a certified diabetes educator because diabetes runs in my family.

    How long do you have until you enter med. school?

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