My New Scrap Budget


With the new year comes my scrap budget! The above photos are my recent purchases. The first photo shows the items I got at a scrapbook store a few days before Christmas. I used a gift card on the items I got (I still have $5 left YAY!). I am hoping to slowly get all the stickles because they are all so pretty! The second photo shows glitter Thickers. Thanks to Marci, I am now addicted to glitter Thickers!! I got 5 packages on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I have been spending way too much the last 3 or 4 months so I am putting myself on a scrap budget. I need to save more and use what I already have. These were my last two splurges before the new year so they didn’t count toward my new budget.

This month is the first month of my budget and so far so good! I picked up the items in the photo below today


I have been looking for the “perfect” edge punch and I found this one online. I searched and asked around for it and finally found it at Michaels so I ran over there today. This punch is Martha Stewart’s Doily Lace Punch. I love it!!!! The other item is a circle cutter tool. I saw her use it on one of her shows and it looked so easy. So, I already burned about half of my January Budget 🙂

And January doesn’t look good now because of this Stampin UP Inventory Blowout!! There goes my budget!!!

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15 thoughts on “My New Scrap Budget

  1. oh, I love that punch and the Thickers and well, everything LOL. If you are trying to curb your spending, you should join the Stamp to Spend Challenge on SCS. I joined and so far, so good. Good luck with your budget!

  2. I too have been working at acquiring the Stickles, they are great!
    And that’s the MS punch that I want too! It’s so pretty, yet I still haven’t picked it up yet.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with your new toys!!

  3. I need to do a budget as well! I have cut my craft spending some, but it’s hard to know that you really ‘need’ something, and it’s not in your budget. I, too, have a stash of things I need to use to save money on new things.

  4. I love that punch!!!! You might want to save the receipt for the circle cutter because I believe there is one in the new SU catty! I am on a spending FREEZE for now – trying to cut WAY back and use up my stash! I am sure it will thaw during SAB!

  5. Hello, new to your blog. I too love scrapbooking. I haven’t gotten into stamping yet. I went to Michaels the other day and spent over $100 on all sorts of scrapbook paper and accessories. Do you have a website where you sell the Stampin Up! products?

  6. Yeah, thickers are addictive. I have about 8 packs of just glitter thickers in my stash, its crazy!

    I saw that circle cutter and was thinking of getting it, let me know what you think of it. It looks just like the cutterbee one which I don’t think you can buy anymore.

    I love that punch too! I think I need to take a trip to Michaels : )

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