My New Years Pledge

I wanted to do something “important”, but wasn’t sure how to go about doing this. . . I occasionally donate to the ASPCA, we regularly donate supplies to our local animal shelter, I donate to St. Jude at Christmas. . . what more can a busy girl do?? I plan on running a dog shelter from my home eventually, but right now time is limited.

I finally made my decision. My New Years Pledge is to donate MONTHLY to St. Jude starting in January. My mother already donates to them monthly, but I am personally going to donate money. There are many children in need and their health is much more important than my scrap supplies. I tell you about my pledge because I hope to inspire others to do the same! I hope you are fortunate enough to be able to help others: with your time, stuff, or money.

To read about St. Jude or to donate to them, visit their website at:

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