My Scraproom -Part 1


This is our scrap/music/office room. As you can see, it is mostly scrap room :0) I was doing so well, I had taken photos a couple of weeks ago so I could post them. . . and then I got some new containers and reorganized so my room changed! LOL So today, I went ahead and took new photos. This is part 1 of the room because I took closeups of all the shelves and scrap areas. I will go into more detail on my organization info in the future posts.

So for the above photo, I am standing in the doorway and looking to the right. To the left of the doorway, there is a closet (in photos below). If you take a right, you can go to the electronic drumset and birdcage (Bob is a canary). There are my two black shelves. We got these from Target about 6 months ago.
If you walk to the left, you can go to the scrap table, closets and computer. The drums and table are centered in the room so there is a walkway around the room like a giant circle. It works great because I am constantly getting up for supplies while I am crafting. The scrap table in the center of the room is bar height so I can stand or sit to craft. That is the area I use to make everything.

Behind the scrap table (in the photo above) you can see 2 desks against the wall. One is the computer, office, print station. The other is the cricut and cutting station.

Here are my white shelves. I have had these for a really long time and I don’t know where they are from. Most of the items on the shelves are scrapping supplies 🙂

These are the spare closets next to the door. Johnny has a small shelf in his exactly like the one in the open closet. The difference is that his shelf is stacked with home made water rockets, paintball stuff, and misc. engineering projects. My shelf is covered with more scrapping stuff. The top of my closet is filled with electronic supplies, extra extension cords, batteries, etc.

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