SU Markers!!


I must say. . . I LOVE MY NEW MARKERS!! My lovely fiance got them for me for Christmas and I have been using them quite a bit lately. They just work so perfectly. The Many Marvelous Markers set comes with all 48 Stampin’ UP marker colors. I love these markers because they are dual tipped, refillable (with Classic Reinkers), and they come with an awesome holder and travel case! The photo above shows the plastic holder, but there is also a plastic travel case (not pictured). I just stored the travel case in the top of my craft room closet and I am going to leave these out on my scrap table like this so I can grab them easily!

I hope I can find another one of these so I can put out my homemade In Color markers and my Bic Mark its 🙂

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10 thoughts on “SU Markers!!

  1. HOW DID YOU MAKE IN COLOR MARKERS??? I am always complaining, because SU could at least do markers for them! Tell me how, I would love to know. My hubby bought me my markers two years ago for my birthday, and I use them all the time!

  2. Drooling here! What a great gift! I plan on getting all the markers too. I am waiting until that quarter that I can’t make my minimums and then, they are mine! Enjoy yours!

  3. So cool! I have had my set for 5 years and I just noticed one of them needs to be refilled. I am impressed. Now I just have to find my reinkers….they are somewhere around here. LOL

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