Can you tell me how to get. . .

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How to get to Sesame Street?!


I finally took the plunge and got the Sesame Street cartridges! I decided to use my Feb budget money to get them. I found a good price on ebay so I went ahead and ordered both of them -the shape cartridge and the font cartridge. I wanted these for my fiance’s baby book photos. For my baby book, I am using the Disney princesses cartridges (Dreams Come True and Happily Ever After) and I already own those cartridges. The fonts are really cute on the Sesame Street Font cartridge so I bet I will use them on more than just his baby book.

I wanted to share and say that, I haven’t purchased anything else so far this month besides the paper to make the paper kits.. I think for once, I am going to actually stay on budget. I have a few dollars left in this month’s budget, and they will be going towards retired reinkers (groovy guava, purely pomegranate, and blue bayou) if I can find any for a reasonable price.

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