How to Make Cricut Cutting Mats Sticky Again

(I have had a request for this info, so I am reposting it. This is originally from June 08 & I have been using the Krylon ever since.)

This post could also be titled: How to make Silhouette Cameo mats sticky again. It can work for any of the sticky mats.

Along with many Cricut users, I am fed up with the Cricut cutting mats / pads. They don’t stay sticky for any decent amount of time. I think that this is ridiculous because we pay HUNDREDS (Some of us even spend THOUSANDS) of dollars to their company so they should at least figure out a better way! Buying cutting mats all the time adds up!

So to counter this problem, many scrappers have come up with different methods of making the mats last longer or making them sticky again.
These are the ways I have read about so far:*Using a lint roller -roll the lint roller back and forth over the cutting pad to get all the paper pieces and paper fuzzies off the mat. I didn’t notice a difference with this method.

*Rotating cutting pads -use 2 or 3 cutting pads at a time, rotating which one you cut on. This does help some, but eventually they still lose the sticky.

*Spray the mat with adhesive -this is what we are going to concentrate on!

After many attempts, I have learned a lot of what not to do and I found a way that works!

I attempted to wash mine with soap and water, which helped a little bit but the mats were definitely NOT as sticky as the original mats.

The lint roller helps to get the little paper lint off, but didn’t make the mat any more sticky.

I ALWAYS rotate cutting mats! I don’t really see a difference if I am only cutting out a couple of pieces, but I definitely notice the difference when I am working on a big project. I rotate with six mats. I alternate two at a time and then switch to another two after a little while. I find that this extends them for a lot longer.

And finally, the number one best method I have found is adhesive spray!!! Here are a few tips and tricks to get the best out of it.

1. Use Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Spray #7020. I tried a few other sprays with no luck. They either didn’t stick enough or stuck too much and messed up the paper. The Krylon spray makes the mats stick the same as when they are new! This stuff is AMAZING!!! This comes in the bottle shown below:

This spray needs to be sprayed outside where you have ventilation and away from children and pets. In my local scrapbooking store, this spray was in the isle with the wood glues and NOT with the scrapbooking glues so ask someone if you cant find it. At the store here, it costs $5.99 and lasts a long time. One bottle should last many months. (When I was selling die cuts, one bottle lasted me many months.)

2. Tape off the edges of your mat. This is critical because the glue will get on the roller thing in your machine. I found taping of the mats to be tedious so I made a mat template out of cardboard and I lay it on top of my mat, align it with the mat and spray (I will post a tutorial later).

3. Spray lightly. I found that if you put on too much spray, it takes forever to dry.

4. Wait a couple minutes. If you spray and then stick the paper on immediately, it wont stick! The adhesive actually has to dry before it becomes sticky.

******Note: I recommend only using the spray method AFTER your warranty is up because doing this can void your warranty. Good luck saving your mats and your money! EDITED TO ADD: It is actually illegal for  ProvoCraft to void your Cricut Warranty from restickying your mats, so resticky away!!

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53 thoughts on “How to Make Cricut Cutting Mats Sticky Again

  1. Does anyone have experience with odif 505 spray and fix? It is temporary fabric adhesive. It claims to be odorless, colorless, stainless, spotless, does not gum needles (and hopefully not bsnc blades haha) no CFC and acid free. It does however caution that it is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE and not to use near flame.

    The customer helper at Walmart helped me find it in the quilting section. I bought it today; but, I haven’t tried it out yet. It was $13 per can; but, if it can get more uses out of my mats it might be worth it.

  2. To clean my mats I rinsed them down in cool water and the applied Dawn dish detergent and scrubbed them with a brush. Then used a straight edged blade in a casing to scrape excess stuff that didn’t come off with soap and brush. Rinsed and dried. Sprayed with Easy Tack. Like new.

  3. Hi ladies!
    I used an elmers spray adhesive to restick mine after my intricate designs tore up. However the glue dried on the mat rendering it useless. I had to scrape all the gunge off and it was not sticky anymore. Nothing I try works as the glue just dries on the mats…what might I be doing wrong?

    1. Did you try the glue I recommended? I’ve never had a problem with it, but I can’t recommend other glues as I haven’t tried other ones.

  4. Have you had problems with new mats working in your cricut? I bought some new ones and the machine won’t take them. Keeps telling me that I need to re enter it. Then I put my old mat in and it goes right through?

  5. I saw someone on YouTube spray “brake cleaner” (like for car brakes) on her mat, let it set for about 10 seconds, and then she started gently scraping all the old glue and paper debris off her mat… then washed it with warm soapy water and let it dry before spraying it with Easy-Tack or some other repositionable spray or roll-on adhesive. Someone also mentioned that you have to be a little careful to not let TOO many coats of whatever you recoat your mat with, because it gets thicker and then can alter the blade settings… the paper ends up, eventually if you just keep adding and adding new “sticky stuff”, closer and closer to the blade. Someone else raved about “Stencil ease”, altho a repositionable spray, and there’s a good spray from Elmer’s, too… just make sure you don’t use the “permanent” Elmer’s by mistake, because they’re often right next to each other on the shelf.

  6. This is a great idea and I will try it. I have another method that some of you may find useful. I use my Cricut Expressions almost exclusively for cutting vinyl signs and decals. I’ve been using the same mats for a couple of years now. I use those Elmer glue sticks (there are 2 different kinds and you want the one that is labelled extra strength if you’re cutting vinyl. Vinyl is heavier than craft paper though so anyone who uses it to cut paper could probably use the one that is labelled “washable school glue”). All I do is turn the vinyl upside down and run the glue stick around the outer edges then turn it over and place it on the mat, rubbing the edges firmly to make the glue adhere properly. It releases nicely when done.

  7. I was so excited to try this, unfortunately I’m left feeling pretty disappointed. I spent $8.00 on the can of Krylon and have now ruined my three mats. Perhaps it is my error, but I’m dealing with two issues. First, any light weight cardstock, or any intricate detail tears when I try to remove it from the mat. My second issue is that even on a heavy weight cardstock, for some reason when I remove it, it peels up any debris that was left on the mat before spraying the Krylon. This is leaving me with materials that are not a quality that I can sell. I’m glad others have had luck, but I will need to be purchasing new mats.

    1. (Sorry for taking so long to respond, I’ve got a baby so computer time is rarer for me now) I am so sorry. I wonder if you sprayed it on very heavily? I notice if I spray too much on, it does have a tendency to gunk up my mats a bit. Also, I hope you didn’t throw out your old mats yet because you can unsticky them with GooGone & maybe try again with the Krylon.

      1. Happened to me too. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. The first time I let it dry and it didn’t stick anything. Second time, I sprayed a second layer and let ti dry an hour or so… It doesn’t work good on cardstock yet 🙁 HELP!

        1. You had that problem with the easytack? That’s never happened to me with it before. I think you got a defective bottle.

    1. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I just had my baby girl & I’m trying to catch up with comments now. You could use painters tape or masking tape.

    1. No, you just have to spray the mat occasionally & it works like new for a while. When I was a heavy user of my machine, I could still go at least a month between sprays. Hope that helps!

  8. I just bought some of that spray. Would you recommend spraying it on the mat only right before I need it? Or can I spray and let it dry, put the blue protective paper cover back on the mat, and wait until I need to cut again ? I have several mats I’d like to re-stick at once. Didn’t know if this method could be done in advance or not. Thanks!

    1. I always spray a few mats at a time & wait for them to dry before putting the cover back on. I have been fine doing the batch spraying like that. Hope that helps!

  9. Thank you so much for this. I have been so frustrated with my mats! This method worked perfectly! Mat is just the right amount of sticky…not too much and not too little. I will never have to dump money into mats again.

  10. To clean your mat before spraying it, I suggest you use lighter fuel. Mine is “Ronsonol lighter fuel”
    Work by rubbing it in small sections with a paper towel , keep adding more and keep rubbing until you are all done the mat. It’s a little tricky to do since it dries very fast but the end result for me is great. Then once nice and clean and completely dry, mine doesn’t even need spray, it almost like new again.

  11. Another way I save money is I buy the 12″x24″ mats and cut them in half. I then round the sharp corners a bit and then I have 2 mats for much cheaper than buying them 12″x12″ in begin with. I have never had an issue with my cut mats.

    1. I have taped my paper down too but somehow the paper seems to slide all over the mat. It just makes a mess.

  12. Do you clean the mat before you spray it? Other methods have you wash the mat (mild soap and water) before spraying or whatever. Thank you so much for the info.

    1. If you’re talking about the clear stamps that you put on the acrylic blocks when you need them, and then put them back in their plastic envelopes, here’s a suggestion: Before removing the stamps from the block, I first clean both together with a stamp cleaner. (I use the Stampin Up one you spray onto the bristly mat.) Then, I go to the sink, and handwash both the stamp and the block with a little dishsoap, and let them air dry on a clean towel. Mine would absolutely not stick until I started doing this

    2. If you’re talking about the clear stamps that you use with acrylic blocks, and then remove and put away, then this is what I would suggest: After stamping and before removing the stamp from the block, clean them together with a stamp cleaner. (I use one from StampinUp that sprays onto a brisly mat.) Then, remove the stamp from the block, and clean both stamp and block at the sink with a little dish soap. After rinsing well (and making sure you don’t accidentally lose a tiny stamp down the drain!) let them air dry on a clean towel. My stamp absolutely would not stick until I figured that out. Thanks for the info about the cricut mat. My brand new mat stop sticking after ten full 8.5 x 11 page cuts. I can’t afford to keep buying them like that, but I can spring for a small bottle of Krylon! 🙂

  13. Do you have to spray this on every time you cut then … or will one spraying last for a few cuts?

    By the way … not familiar with the Cricut as I have a Silhouette Cameo…. but I assume the premise would be the same for both.

  14. I have been using this method but using a different spray. I’m wondering if anyone knows what to do once the mats gets too ‘gucked’ up? I’ve tried soap and water but won’t work once they’ve been sprayed.

    1. My Cricut is only three weeks old and I have used it only twice with minimal use each time and you guessed it! It is not sticky any longer. I really appreciate this tip.

  15. Thanks for the tip. I am on my second mat and I have only used it about 2 weeks and it is already not sticky. I have read cleaning it with baby wipes and it works a little but not much! 🙂

    1. I wanted to let you know I used your method on my mats and it is great. I think they are even better than new ones. Thank you Debra

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