Lesson 16: How to use SU Wheel Stamps

Stampin’ UP Wheel stamps are some of the neatest little tools, but no one knows how to use them!! LOL The catalog doesn’t tell you enough, so I made this lesson to teach you how to use the wheel stamps properly. What you will need: A wheel handle (regular size shown below), wheel stamp (Love Wheel used here, which is a regular size wheel), and an ink cartridge (regular size, pixie pink color used.
Shown above is a close up of the Pixie Pink standard size ink cartridge. Notice that the inked part looks round? That is because the little ink sponge part rolls as it covers the wheel stamp!

Stampin’ UP sells regular and large sized ink cartridges. The ink in the ink cartridges is Classic (dye inks). These are handy little inks to have because they fit perfectly inside the wheel handles so you have continuous coverage using the wheel stamp.

The cartridges are in the last two columns on the ink/cardstock pages in the SU catalog. SU only offers the ink cartridges in the most popular colors, but you can make your own! (There will be a later lesson about making your own cartridges)

In order to use the wheel stamps, you have to assemble the wheel contraption thingy! LOL I don’t know what to call it. First, take the lid off your ink cartridge, and place it inside the handle as shown above. There is a little part that sticks out, that part should fit right into the little slot on the handle.

Press down on the little plastic part that sticks out until your cartridge clicks in place. The cartridge should fit right into the handle.

Next, press your wheel stamp into the grooves in the handle.

When your wheel stamp is in place, press the ink cartridge against the wheel so that the wheel stamp will become inked once you start rolling.

Test your wheel on a scratch piece of paper until it is inked and then roll where you want it. I suggest you practice before you add the wheel to your project. Be sure to hold the surface of the wheel evenly against the paper and not wobble it or parts of the image will be lost.

In the next lesson, learn about how to get perfect alignment with your wheel stamps.

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