Lesson 19: Make your own Colored Wheel Cartridges.

In this guide, learn how to make your own ink cartridges for your Stampin’ UP Wheel stamps.


In the Stampin UP catalog, on the pages with the ink pad colors, the last two columns of the table contain pre-inked ink cartridges (one column is for the standard wheel size and one row is for the large wheel size). When looking at those pages, notice, there are only order numbers for a select few colors. If you want other colors, you have to make your own. Use this simple guide to give you an idea of how to make your own ink cartridges. You can make one of every SU Color you want or even make them with other brand reinkers!

On the page with the wheel accessories (Page 191 in the Spring 09 Idea Book & Catalog) you can purchase uninked wheel cartridges. The standard wheel uninked cartridge is order number 101529 and costs $5.25. The large wheel uninked cartridge is order number 103678 and costs $7.50.

Supplies needed:
*Inkinked Wheel Ink Cartridge of the desired size
*Reinker (use Classic or dye ink to make standard ink cartridges like the SU preinked ones\
*newspaper or scrappaper
*Gloves if desired

1. Spread out your scrap paper on the surface you will be working so you don’t get reinker on anything.
2. Open the ink cartridge (As shown in the photo above). Yours will be a sponge creamish color and dried.
3. Put on your gloves if you don’t want to get ink on your finger (I just wash my hands afterwards and skip the gloves! LOL)
4. Apply your reinker to the cartridge, going across the surface of the sponge in rows (let the rows run across the flat part of the sponge or longways rather than across the rounded part). Be careful not to oversaturate the sponge.
5. When the surface of the sponge looks well coated with reinker, use your finger to gently turn the sponge until uninked sponge is exposed.
6. Reink as explained in step 4 and repeat turning the sponge until the whole wheel is well inked.
7. Finally, test it out!

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