Lesson 20: Embossing with SU Wheel Stamps

In this guide learn how to emboss with SU Wheel Stamps!

Embossing is a great touch to any card, layout or project, but it simply cannot be done with Stampin’ UP’s standard style ink cartridges because those are made with Classic (dye) ink. To emboss you need pigment ink. What you need to do is make your own wheel cartridge as outlined in Lesson 19.

Supplies Needed:
*Uninked wheel cartridge of your desired size
*VersaMark reinker
*scrap paper
*gloves if desired
*SU Wheel Handle
*SU Wheel Guidge
*Embossing powder
*powder tray
*heating tool

1. Ink the cartridge as outlined in Lesson 19 using the VersaMark reinker. This ink is thicker than dye ink so let the ink settle for a few minutes (I waited maybe 10 minutes and it worked just fine).
2. Load the ink cartridge and wheel into the wheel handle as outlined in Lesson 16.
3. Stamp as desired on your project. Use the wheel guide if needed . If you don’t know how to use the wheel guide, view Lesson 17.
4. Quickly cover the VersaMark with embossing powder and heat set with your heating tool. If making a border on a scrapbook page, sprinking the embossing powder in approximately 4 inch section of the border and tap off and move on to the next 4 inch section until the full border is covered. For heat embossing instructions, view Lesson 7.

Instead of using VersaMark reinker, make your cartridge with any Craft (pigment) ink reinker of your choice and heat emboss with clear embossing powder.

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