My Scraproom -Part 2

Part 2 of my scraproom is all about what is stored on the white shelving. Recall that last week, the white shelving in my scraproom is in my closet, and in a corner of the room near the computer. (Click here to see My Scraproom -Part 1)

This shelf is in the closet:


On top of the shelf is a set of little plastic drawers that is used for school supplies (staples, pens, pencils, white out, etc) since we are both college students. There is also Krylon spray adhesive that I use for making my Cricut mats re-sticky (ask me about it if you don’t know about it!) Then there are boxes of glass balls, some of them have been used for Christmas ornaments in 2008, but I had many left over. I left them out so I could work on them through the year. There is also a pack of baby wipes. I use these for minor cleanups of paint, glue, inky fingers, etc as needed.

The first shelf has a blue sterilite container which holds plastic baggies. I seem to reach for these all the time to store embellishments in once I open a container. When I had my ebay store selling die cuts, I went through lots of plastic baggies.
The 2nd level contains cardboard storage boxes that are actually empty (LOL I am saving room for later I guess!) The white box holds evelopes and mailing items (lables, stamps). This is the mailing center I guess because on the side next to the shelf, there are mailing boxes and you can see all the large envelopes on the 2nd and 3rd level of the shelf. The rest of the shelf holds cardstock. These are reams of cardstock I purchased when I ran my ebay store. These were the most popular colors I went through so I bought in bulk.

The photo below shows one of the white shelves in the corner.
On top of the shelving, I store bunches of photos and 3d items. On the first level, I use magazine files from Staples to store my other 8.5X11 cardstock. They used to be in order and labeled, but I am transitioning to SU only cardstock so I am using what I have and adding SU colors, but the SU and non SU are not mixed.

In the photo above, you can see the 2nd and 3rd level of the shelf. On the 2nd level, I have glass storage containers, some 3d and alterable items, and a sterilite container filled with acrylic paint stuff (and Mod Podge).

On the 3rd level, all my 12X12 paper is stored in homemade containers. I made these out of Priority mail boxes. I cut them at a slant on the sides so they look like magazine holders. Then I covered them with mod podge and pretty paper.

In the photo above, you can see the bottom of the shelf. I just purchased the blue containers from Target and haven’t put anything in them yet. On the bottom shelf, there is a box for more fine arts supplies (sketch books and pencils, and more paiting supplies). The small boxes hold: Backup CDs, flashcards for school, hot glue gun, and some greeting cards.

The shelf below is the other shelf in the corner.
The top shelf holds a pretty hat box that contains a few cardstock swatches & school clickers (probably the dumbest invention EVER!!!). Behind the greeting cards, there are little notebooks & mini photo albums. The 2nd level is Johnny’s school books (mine are on our bedroom shelf because I don’t like to see them while scrapping).
The photo above shows the 3rd level of the shelf. The 3rd shelf holds my eyelets and brads boxes and my to be scrapped pile (it is never ending!!)
The bottom level holds colored computer paper, albums and some of Johnny’s tools.

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