My Scraproom -Part 3

This is part 3 of my scraproom – the black shelving and work areas. I have my work areas separated into 3 spaces. There is a cricut station, a big shot station and the scrap desk(my favorite part of the room!!)!


Shown above is the Cricut/ cutting station. I cleaned it up really nice for the photo, but usually there are scraps of cut out paper everywhere! I am a messy scrapper, despite what these photos seems to suggest. In this photo you can see my scanner (bottom left corner of the screen) next to my giant guillotine cutting board (got off ebay a long time ago) and the Cricut station. So for the cricut station, I have my cartridges organised somewhat in these cute little blue and green colored plastic stacking bins (don’t they look like Pacific Point and Kiwi Kiss!?). I actually got this idea from a fellow scrapper. These little bins are from the dollar tree! Each square bin costs $1 and holds 4 cartridges. I love how they stack up. I have 33 cartridges so I need to be able to store them vertically or they would take up the whole desk space. The hanging bin is from the Container Store (I think my favorite place on earth and we don’t have one nearby). The hanging bin holds some business papers, my sketches, postcards, and forms.
Shown above is my big shot station. It is actually a microwave stand from Target (it was actually originally used in the kitchen, but we moved back in with my mom, tee hee). This cart is on wheels so I can pull the cart out when I need, but it stays in this little corner when it is not being used. I am going to get a sterilite container for the dies and plates on the top of the cart, I just haven’t gotten one yet. The three wire bins pull out like drawers, but I don’t really have them organized. The top one holds 1/2 sheets of cardstock organized by color. The bottom two drawers hold junk right now :O)
The next few photos how my 2 black shelves. The top two shelves shown above hold my stamp sets. Each of these bins is like $2 at target but the colored ones are usually seasonal and so I try to buy them when they go on clearance. Each bin holds like 8 or 9 stamp sets and I store them so I can read the label on the set.
These two shelves hold my most used items. On the first one, The little box (photo top left) holds my card stash. I have tabs dividing out my Stamptivity cards (I have to send to them for my design team stuff), and Christmas cards from the rest of the cards.

The next bin (photo top right) holds my latest and greatest embellishments, misc rubber stamps (I have maybe 4 non SU), and my Martha Stewart circle punch. I go to this bin when I need an embellishment and having the things all in the bin like that make me use them more because they are within reach.

One the next shelf the bin on the left (photo bottom left most bin) holds my punches, wheel guide, and stamp-a-ma-jig. The next bin (photo bottom right) holds crackle paints, cardstock scraps for punching, some glitter & stamp cleaner. Next to that bin, I have the album I am working on and some books about scrapping.
This is the second black shelf. My fancy yarns are on the top. On the first level, I have 2 boxes stuffed full of ribbon. My SU ribbon isn’t in there so there is more. Then my binders which are filled with cuttlebug mini embossing folders, tutorials, sketchs, acrylic stamps, a second binder to be filled with acrylic stamps later, and a pagemaps sketch book.
On the next level, you can see **some** of my scrapbook albums. I have quite a few more stored in a closet in a huge plastic storage box. Next to the albums, there are stacked bins, one holds my SU ribbon (now overflowing), SU wheels, and SU spots.
On the next level, I have a weird organization. . . there are plastic 12X12 sleve things for each of the following: alphabet stickers/thickers, page protectors, and chipboard. The black and white album holds paper scraps that are too big to throw out. The plastic bin is for finished projects and giveaway items.
I saved the best for last :O)

This is my favorite part of my room – the scrap table! I don’t keep much on it because when I scrap, the table gets covered with supplies everywhere! This table was on clearance at American Signature and I loved it from the moment I saw it. My mom bought it for me and it has been the most useful thing! The table is bar height so I can stand or sit. The chairs are from Target (lots of my stuff is from target actually because I used to work there and will be forever loyal to their great company). The chairs sortof kindof match our dining chairs (also from Target, LOL).
I have the very essentials always on the table:
*my color caddy which holds my inks, stickles, adhesives, and cleaner.
*my cutting mat
*my markers
*scissors and rulers in the cup

Well this concludes the final part of my scraproom. I hope you enjoyed the little tour! I love seeing other people’s rooms, so I thought I would share my scrappy space. If you have photos of your room, please add a comment with a link so everyone can check it out!

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