NEW Cricut Cartridges!!!

**I  am on a ProvoCraft/Cricut Boycott! They won’t get another dime from me!  Got a Cricut? Well use it! Don’t have one yet? Consider a different  machine!! Click here for more details about my boycott and how I got here!! You can join the boycott too!**

NEW CARTRIDGES ARE COMING!!! YAY! There will be at least 7 new Cricut cartridges arriving around June 09! I have been searching all over the internet for photos and news of such cartridges and I have found 7 new cartridges!!!

The 6 I have seen are:
Kitchen & Bath Decor Solutions
Stamping Solutions
A Child’s Year
Ashlyn’s Alphabet
European Decor Solutions
Hannah Montana Font
SpongeBob Square Pants

These are all available for pre-order at various online retailers.


I will be ordering these first 2 for sure!! Spongebob is the greatest and The Hannah Montana stuff is so rock starish (perfect for drumming and guitar photos)!

These kitchen items are so cute!! I love all the swirls and the cute little icons. I can’t wait to see more of this cartridge.

From what is shown, I don’t know if I am a big fan of the Stamping Solutions. . .

The children’s silhouettes are adorable!

I really like the swirly fonts.

These are pretty cute, but I don’t know how much of it I would actually use.

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3 thoughts on “NEW Cricut Cartridges!!!

  1. Those are all totally cool! We actually got set up with Sure Cuts Alot last night and it is really awesome. You should really think about giving that a shot. You can do just about anything! And all for $65.

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