No Buying Paper Challenge COMPLETE!!

FINALLY!!!!!!! I am through 200 projects! I am so thrilled to say I can buy paper again!!! LOL

I have only slipped up one time during the challenge which I started back in November. I bought the SAB Paper bundle during the preorder and that was the only paper I have purchased for myself.

I must confess that I did actually buy a lot of paper during the challenge, but it was for my ebay store paper kits and I did NOT use it! I did not use ANY of it! You have to know it took enormous self control not to use any of the paper!! This couldn’t have been a more difficult scrappy challenge for a paper addict like me.

I am still a paper addict, & this weekend, I will be digging in and using some of that new paper I bought for the paper kits. I only bought papers I love so I know it will be used if it doesn’t sell.

Let me share my paper progress with you. . . I went through every sheet of patterned paper I have and purged enough to make about a 5 inch high stack. I plan on making clearance paper kits in my ebay store using the paper I won’t use. Whatever doesn’t sell, I will RAK out so stick around 🙂

By Sunday, I hope to share my 2 new found loves with you (scrap related of course!)

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