My 2 New Loves

Ok FINALLY, I am ready to share my two new loves with you! I am talking about my two new scrap loves: Vintage Plum & K&Company Paper.

Let’s start with Vintage Plum (also known as VP). As I have mentioned before, VP is a brand new kit club www.vintageplum.comthat had its debut with the February kit called Crush. I have posted two layouts using this kit already & have TONS AND TONS more supplies to use.

VP is awesome for many reasons, but the first is that the kits include supplies that are 100% made in the USA. This is what totally caught my attention. I love the idea of buying only local goods, but it is almost impossible when everything is being outsourced. Outsourcing for a better price has its costs on the world even if these costs don’t show up in the monetary price of the item we purchase. 90% of people just don’t get it but my family DOES and we try to be somewhat educated consumers at the very least. (We also NEVER shop at Walmart, but I will save this soapbox for another day.)

Not only that, but VP is trying to be good for the environment too by using environmentally friendly shipping materials. I am totally loving that!

The VP kits will be released on the 10th of each month with the sneak peek shown on the 1st of each month.


So I purchased my kit, it shipped THAT DAY and I received it a couple days later. It was the most painless internet purchase I have made! I couldn’t believe how fast it arrived. In the above photo you can see what I took out of the box. Aren’t those packages just adorable! I loved those cute little logo stickers too.

Here is the kit:

HOLY MOLY! It is packed full of goodies. There are tons of papers and a pack of rub-ons, cards and envelopes, ribbon, chipboard, paint, 2 types of alphas, and felt hearts. I was impressed with not only the quality, but with the amount of stuff that arrived in the kit. At VP, you also have the option of purchasing a couple of add ons so I got an add on of the cardstock and the red alphas which are shown below.

Now, if you aren’t completely sold already, I challenge you to go have a little chat in their forum. You might get stuck there for days because everyone is so nice! They have been so sweet and caring on the forum while I have been struggling with Taylor’s illness and then death. I can’t even begin to tell you how much everyone in the forum helped me cope a little with this loss.

This company is run by a family team Jenny, Sarah, Jason, and Brent. I feel like I have known them for years even though we’ve only chatted for a short time. They are totally awesome. Since the forum and website are so new, they are making lots of changes to make the forum just how we want it. Each day I log in and it gets better and better. Starting this month, VP is going to start having weekly challenges and monthly guest designer contests. I can’t wait to see what is in store. You know I love challenges!!!!!

I will be continuing to purchase these lovely kits each month. Since I just love love these kits, I have added a new label “Vintage Plum Kit” to my sidebar labels section for my projects using the Vintage Plum Kits.

ON TO NEW LOVE #2: K & Company paper.

I don’t have nearly as much to say about this love, except I can’t get enough K & Company patterned paper. I have to blame Alison for this one because she bought be the most beautiful paper pack during my no buying paper challenge. It was from K& Company and it was green and pink and brown and it would match my blog beautifully actually! Now that my no buying paper challenge is complete, I picked up these to beauties at Joanns:
Some of the papers:
I just love these papers!!


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