Spending FREEZE

I am officially on a spending freeze now! YAHOO!

I have decided to start working on building my savings at high speed. I have a specific savings goal in mind but I will not say it here. LOL. I made a ginormous Stampin’ UP purchase this weekend. My shopaholic tendencies are exacerbated my stress and this weekend was the most stress I have every experienced.

So I am not going cold turkey, but I am setting very strict rules to what I will buy. I am allowed to buy the VP monthly kits and add ons and I am allowed to spend the things I have earned through Stampin UP.

I am kinda proud of myself because I earned my Stampin Start. Stampin Start is a program for new demonstrators to earn 9 FREE STAMP SETS from the catalog in their first 6 months. Well I earned ALL NINE!! I already redeemed 3 of them so I have 6 more :O). Not only that, but I earned 2 more free stamp sets when Meg and Leeanne joined the Scrappy Stampers team and signed up to be a demonstrator under me (they each earned a free set just for signing up too!!). AND since Meg has become a Senior Associate, that means I just promoted to Senior Supervisor and I get a $150 product bonus!!!!! ($100 is the regular product bonus at this level, but SU is having a special $50 bonus right now)

So with 8 free stamp sets left and $150 in free products, I think I should be able to manage for a while!

I refuse to give up my new found Vintage Plum love!! I will be on this FREEZE until graduation: May 7th. A little over 2 months of spending NOTHING is going to be hard but I can do it :O)

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7 thoughts on “Spending FREEZE

  1. Oh I hear you – I spent WAY more this past weekend than I should have (slap my hand!) And CONGRATS On making Stampin’ Start – I wasn’t able to get it when I signed up so I know that is quite an accomplishment! 🙂

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