This Old House LO

Yes I know the first photo stinks, but I was running out of camera charge and I am lazy! LOL

This is a very personal LO because this is the house I grew up in when we lived in Colorado. I don’t have very many photos of our house so I treasure these photos. I miss Colorado all the time even though we have lived here for 6 years. It was my home.

This is the 5th LO I have made using the Crush kit from Vintage Plum. I know I have been going on and on about this kit, but it is awesome! Everything used for this LO except the markers and red paint are from the kit.

As I have mentioned before, I like to use BOTH sides of double sided patterned paper. Well, this LO is actually on the back of the Little Guy LO I posted previously. This is Vintage Plum brand patterned paper so I had to use it all!

I wanted to say. . . this paper reminds me of Alice and Wonderland, which is one of my favorite books & movies of all time. They say Lewis Carroll, the author, had migraines and the movie was written about his crazy migraine induced dreams. I think he and I have a special connection because I related very strongly to this movie. It reminded me so much of my migraine induced dreams. Actually there is a migraine aura symptom that is called “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome”, but thankfully, it isn’t a symptom associated with my migraines.

I painted the edges of the music patterned paper with brown and red paint to match the LO. I stole this dry brush idea from a LO my buddy Kim (Kim from VP not Kim who made the sketch challenge, ah I am confusing myself LOL!!) made with paint around the edges.
This heart and wing shape was on a LUXE color me page included in the kit. I colored it with Stampin’ UP markers.


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17 thoughts on “This Old House LO

  1. This is such a special page! I love the idea of preserving memories of your old house. The colors and LO are really nice. I am a fellow migraine sufferer (you and I really have a lot in common), and I understand completely about the dreams, once I can stand for the pillow to even touch my head, that is. Very nice page!

  2. You have been a scrapbooking fool this week! Wow! Amazing layouts! That vintage plum set is fabulous!! I love the family key layout too. I am feeling like a crafting slacker!! 🙂

    I like your no spend challenge! Wow! I am still on my no-new-paper challenge and doing well! I think I can make it years with my stash! LOL

  3. Hi, Samantha! I just realized that you wrote this is a house you grew up in! That is so cool! I usaully only read the person’s first blog so I dont stay on that long and I can blog to others! What a great way to remember memories! I actually chatted for a long time tonight on the shout board. I really had fun! Hope I can be there when you are so I can get to know you better! Have a Blessed day! Michelle H.

  4. I just love this layout and the fact that you scrapped your old home! Home is such a special place and no matter how long I live in Charlotte, New York will always be home! I can see why you love this kit! The colors and the elements are beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  5. This is really cute. I love the heart w/ wings and the tree with the hearts on it. I get migraines with auras but they don’t make me think of Alice in Wonderland. lol

  6. I love that you did a layout with pictures of your old house – how sweet! Its amazing how just looking at pictures like that – you can remember so many things, feelings, smells, etc. I get severe migraines too!!! WOW – I have never heard of that aura for migraines… they are the worst….

    sending you best wishes and migraine free days!!! LOVEly layout Samantha!!!

    Best wishes,
    Sankari 🙂

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