I Broke the Puppy!!


I am sad to say that I broke the new puppy, Emma.

She usually lays with us in the bed for a few minutes before we put her in her crate. While I was getting ready for bed Thursday night, I set her in the bed and she curled up into a little ball about 8-10 inches from the edge of the bed. . . I got into my side of the bed and tried to call her over, but she stayed curled up. I looked away and the second I look back over at her, she is slipping off the edge of the bed!!!!

She fell hard and started screaming & holding her leg up, so we rushed her to the emergency vet & turns out she broke her little leg :O(

I have been playing nurse to my little baby giving her meds and babying her all the time so I am behind on the daily blogging and my weekend challenges. I am going to get them posted today hopefully!

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11 thoughts on “I Broke the Puppy!!

  1. Awww..poor baby. It happens though. I always worried when my dog would get on the bed. We had a kitten that somehow broke his toes on two feet. We never figured out how but the vet thought he may have gotten his feet stuck somewhere and broke his toes pulling them out. I hope Emma is feeling better soon.

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