Emma Update

I am happy to report that Baby Emma has had her cast removed!! Her little leg is no longer broken and she is doing well.

This is one of the last photos taken with the cast (we covered her cast with a sock while indoors so we wouldn’t mess with it and it wouldn’t get dirty). She is playing with my robe which was on the floor. She wrapped herself up like this, LOL.
And here is one of the first photos taken with the cast off. Mya is in the upper corner. They were playing when Emma stopped and did whatever she is doing in the photo? I am not sure! I have got some other photos of her, but they are still on the camera.
She had a little swelling at first, but now the swelling has gone down and she is starting to use her leg more. She still walks with a limp and holds her leg up oddly, but she is getting used to it.

Thank you everyone for you kind words about Emma. She healed well and we won’t be putting her on the bed again! :O)

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