Life Update & Stampers Block

I have mixed feelings about posting “personal stuff” on my scrappy blog but here goes. . . I am bummed. . . I know there is really no reason to be, but I have been kinda sad because I didn’t graduate this semester. I was so excited about it, but I really want the second major. I still think I made the best decision by deciding to stay in school for next year, but it is really hard knowing all my friends have graduated. Now they are starting their “adult” life, while I am still a kid. :O(

I say all this because I know I have been a slacker this past week or two and that is why. I am sorry for the slacking and I am trying to shape up! I don’t really have stamper’s block. I have actually been very crafty lately. I have just not been working on my challenges or blogging. Maybe I just have blogger’s block? No matter the case, I am already working on my challenges for this week and I am going to do better!

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4 thoughts on “Life Update & Stampers Block

  1. I can totally remember that feeling of being done with school. I remember feeling really ancy my senior year, so in that respect I can relate. Good for you on getting the double major! It will be so worth it next May!

  2. I was wondering where you have been! I wish I could stay in school, I’m not ready for the “real world”. Plus, the economy sucks and no one is hiring. You are better off in school… it will definitely pay off in the long run. Don’t be sad! :/

  3. Cheer up! In the end, I feel confident you will know you did the right thing if that’s what you felt you should do. And, let me tell ya, there is no rush to the ‘adult’ life! I wouldn’t redo my decisions for the world, but I took a year between HS and College as I was making good money and had a great job by 18, well, I never went, and married at 19, and I knew that was right for me. Now I am the mom of two amazing angels, and treasure my life! You just know what’s right for you! Get your learn on, girl!!! LOL!

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