Stampin’ UP Stamp Storage

My stamp sets have grown over the months, so I recently decided to reorganize my stamps. I am still using the Sterilite containers I was using before, but I have alphabetized my sets and labeled the containers so now I can find the sets I am looking for. I have 80-ish sets now and this system leaves some room for me to get more sets in the future without having to add more containers. Once I get many more sets, I will just have to change the labels as I add new containers.

I got all the Sterilite containers at Target for like $2 a piece. For summer, they have these cute lime green ones. During the fall, they offer dark red ones. I just love these containers and I use them for more than just my stamps. I have these containers all around my scrap room, in the kitchen and bathroom. They are great little containers.


For my stamps, each container holds 10 stamp sets, 9 straight in a row, and then one on the side. I put the large sets in their own containers (the first two containers at the top of the shelf are filled with large sets). For the larger sets, the containers only hold 6 sets.

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