Introducing SPCC

I have decided to go all out and start a new challenge blog!! Are you ready for this??? Here’s my little intro:

What it’s all about:
This new challenge blog is all about colors!! I LOVE color combos and I am sure many of you do too. Each week on Monday, I am going to be posting a SPCC challenge which will be a color combo that looks like this:


I am a Stampin’ UP demonstrator so I will be posting the color combo challenges based on Stampin’ UP color combos. You can substitute other manufacturer’s version of the same colors as long as they are pretty close to the same color.

The following Monday, I will choose one lucky winner to win a fabulous prize!! (If you would like to become a sponsor, please email me!)

A little about me:
My name is Samantha, and I am a daily craft blogger over at Scrapmaster’s Paradise You might know me from various crafty forums as thescrapmaster. I like to chat, and I am very approachable so send me an email anytime at if you have anything to say!! I have more info in my blogger profile which is in the sidebar.

Official Rules:
*Submissions must be in the form or scrapbook LO’s, altered items, or cards.

*You CAN use additional colors if needed, but the colors listed should be your main colors.

*Entries are due the following Sunday night at Midnight Eastern Standard Time. I am not really a stickler about the exact time (because I actually go to bed early LOL) so as long as it is posted before I put the closing message at the top of the post (the next morning), you are still entered.

*Entries have to use the color combo given for that challenge, but the use of Stampin’ UP products is not required. Just match the colors as close as you can.

*Your post on your own blog should contain the actual color combo swatch for that challenge and a link to the SPCC blog. If you do not have a blog you can link to an online gallery or email me your photo and I will link it up.

*When you enter a challenge, please post a link to the specific post where you have your entry (not just your blog address, I want the DIRECT link to your post). I know as soon as any links are posted because I have Mr. Linky set to email me any time a new entry is added. I have been changing the links to direct links for the members that don’t use a direct link, but if the blog grows by much more, I will simply have to start deleting them.

*Winners will be picked personally by me. I definitely am no expert so my opinion is just that, an opinion. I try to be fair and I will try to make sure the same people aren’t winning each week. I will also try to choose a combo of layouts, altered items, and cards.

*The winner is responsible for emailing me their mailing address so I can send out their prize. I will not beg! LOL

Since this is my first ever attempt at running a challenge blog, I will be adjusting the rules as needed. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to email me. I am pretty easy-going so if you have any ideas, please share them with me.


  • I will try to leave a comment for each and every person who enters each week NO MATTER how much we grow. I am thankful for everyone no matter your skill level. If I do not get a chance to leave you a comment, I am truly sorry. I do look at every entry whether or not I leave a comment.
  • DO NOT POST LINKS RANDOMLY IN MR. LINKY!!!! I have Mr. Linky set on email notifications so I know as soon as ANY link is posted. You can’t sneak your links in!! LOL I have already had a few people try this and lemme tell you, it is really annoying! I will mark you as Spam so that you won’t be able to add your website in again.

Happy Crafting,

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