Lesson 1: Where to Begin Stamping

If you want to start stamping, the first thing you need are some basic supplies. Don’t worry about buying everything in the store. You can always add more supplies later. Just concentrate on getting some basic essential supplies.

These three supplies you ABSOLUTELY need:
1. Some good quality paper -Get a pack of plain white cardstock. It really doesn’t matter what kind really. I get my white cardstock from my local Staples store. I would recommend not buying an expensive brand of cardstock, any plain old white cardstock will work. This is what you are going to practice stamping on so you don’t have to worry if you mess some of it up.

2. A rubber stamp or stamp set – I am going to be teaching about rubber wood mounted stamps (like Stampin’ UP stamps). These are by far the easiest stamps to use to get started with. Your rubber stamp can be any stamp that is mounted on a wood block. Large chain craft stores have bunches of stamps to choose from.

3. An ink pad -make sure to get one that says “dye ink” on it. Dye ink dries fast so it is easy to work with. If you are buying Stampin UP ink, Classic ink pads are the dye ink pads. We will work with pigment inks later.

Other recommended supplies that you will probably use later:
*Stamp-a-ma-jig -I highly recommend this tool!
*some patterned paper
*colored cardstock
*a paper trimmer – paper trimmers with a sliding blade are usually pretty inexpensive and very easy to use

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