Lesson 3: Cleaning Rubber Stamps


To clean your rubber stamps, the best thing you can buy is Stampin’ UP’s Stampin’ Mist. It comes in a convenient spray bottle, it works wonderfully, and plus it smells nice 🙂 With that said, it isn’t the only rubber stamp cleaner available. There are other brands of stamp cleaner available, but make sure to get a cleaner actually designed for rubber stamps. This will ensure that the rubber is conditioned properly so it will last for many years.

This lesson is a guide for how to clean your rubber stamps. It is really simple and easy to do. Many stampers use the Stampin’ UP scrubber pad along with the Stampin’ Mist, but I just use a wash cloth and Stampin’ Mist to clean my rubber stamps. Using a wash cloth will just save you money so you can buy more stamps, LOL. The wash cloth you use will get dirty so make sure to pick out one you don’t care about. When the cloth gets too much ink on it, just rinse it out in the sink and hang to dry.
Spray a couple of times on a spot on your cloth just enough to get a small spot moistened.
Fold over the cloth holding the moistened part in front of your index finger like shown. If you just let the cloth hang down freely, you may end up with ink on the wooden part of your stamp (It really doesn’t affect your stamp, except staining the wood).
Use your index finger as a guide and rub the rubber part of the stamp until all the ink is removed.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to clean your stamps properly. If they aren’t cleaned correctly, the rubber may crack over time. Rubber stamps can be expensive so I try to take care of mine.

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