Lesson 7: Basic Heat Embossing

Heat embossing is one of the simplest, yet most “professional” looking elements you can add to your project. The heat embossing adds dimension and texture to an otherwise flat element.

What you will need:
1. Heat gun -they are in the stamping section of a chain scrapbook store. Stampin UP also sells one as do many other stamping companies. They all work basically the same so it doesn’t really make a difference what brand you get.
2. Paper
3. Embossing Powder -these come in many colors! I HIGHLY recommend one without glitter in it. The ones that are mixed with glitter don’t get as good of an embossed image. The embossing turns out lumpy looking. The extra fine glitter always gets everywhere and sticks to everything!
4. VersaMark watermark ink -I highly recommend this specific ink pad for embossing. I have yet to find anything even close to as good as this ink pad for embossing! The VersaMark ink is sticky so the embossing powder sticks perfectly! Pigment inks work well too, but if you are using color embossing powder, the ink color will mess up the color of the powder. VersaMark is clear.
5. A powder tray -Stampin’ UP sells them in a set of two called and they are called Powder Pals. The trays are great because they contain the embossing powder when you pour it over your paper you are embossing. Also, they are easy for clean up because they have a hole on the side so you can pour the powder back into the container!
6. And of course you need a stamp!
1. Ink your stamp using the VersaMark watermark pad. Stamp your image using the good stamping techniques we’ve previously discussed.

2. Place your stamped paper into the powder tray.

3. Sprinkle embossing powder over the stamped image.

4. Gently pick up your paper from the corner and gently shake the powder around over the image until the whole image is covered. Then dump the excess powder into the tray. Tap the edge of the paper on the bottom of the powder tray to get off all the excess powder.

5. Now your image should have a layer of powder over it. If there is a corner that isn’t covered with powder, repeat steps 2 through 4 to coat the whole image completely.

6. Hold the heating gun about 2 inches from the paper, turn it on, and move it in a circular direction around the whole image. Make sure not to stay in one spot for very long as this can burn the paper. The embossing powder will become glossy, melt together, and puff up slightly when it is heated enough.
In the photo above, notice how the petal right by the heating gun (the blue thing) looks different than the rest of the flower (the rest looks grainy). That smooth looking part of the flower is heated enough and the rest isn’t.
Notice in the image above how there are areas on the flower that still look grainy -mostly around the edges. Those areas are not heated enough. The center of the flower looks smooth because it has been well heated.
The photo above shows a good example of what heat embossing is supposed to look like. The flower is glossy looking and smooth.
The last step is cleaning up the embossing powder. This is simple with the powder tray. Simply turn the tray so that the hole is directly over the container of embossing powder and gently tap the tray until all the powder is back in the container.

*If there is excess powder around the edge of your image -BEFORE you heat, try to brush off the excess powder with a small paintbrush.
*If your paper has a lot of static on it -rub the paper with a dryer sheet to remove the static. Some people rub any paper they are going to emboss on with a dryer sheet before they emboss.

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